MSU Nanotechnology Education and Research Center

MSU Nanotechnology Education and Research Center (ERC) was established in 2008 to consolidate efforts of MSU units aimed at research and development and true cross-disciplinary education in nanotechnology, nanomaterials and nanosystems. For further details see about ERC.

Using advanced educational technology, ERC trains students according to novel programs based on lectures and practical classes of the Faculties of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Materials Science, Bioengineering and Bioinformatics, Fundamental Medicine. There are 4 new educational programs: “Nanosystems and Nanodevices”, “Functional Nanomaterials”, “Nanobiomaterials and Nanobiotechnology”, “Composite Nanomaterials” (Master’s Program). More information about programs, lectures and seminars is available at education.

ERC also provides a free community lecture series for a broad spectrum of students (by appointment) to increase their general knowledge of nanotechnology. The syllabus and lecture schedule can be found at general lectures. The lectures are broadcast live on the web. The lecture materials are freely available from this website.

MSU Nanotechnology Education and Research Center invites all to attend the cross-disciplinary lecture series – “Fundamentals of Nanotechnology” and “Current Challenges of Nanotechnology” – planned for the spring 2010 semester.